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Very Berry Gummy Clusters ( Nerds ) 85g.

Manufacturer : Nerds
Flavor : Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Grape, and Wildberry
Availability: In stock


  • The Nerds Gummy Clusters consist of crunchy mini Nerds around a sweet gummy center.
  • The combination of crunchy Nerds and a gummy center makes it an addicting snack, so beware once you open the bag.
  • The new Nerds Gummy Clusters have the same idea as Nerds Rope, the chewy, fruity string that is covered in Nerds.
  • The bite-sized clusters aren’t in a long string, however, and are basically little bundles.
  • What’s great is that you can easily pop when in your mouth and get the crunchy and chewy textures.
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