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E.T. Magnet ( E.T. ) I'll Be Right Here

Authentically licensed product directly from E.T. franchise.
Manufacturer : Aquarius
Measurements : 1 in H x 3.5 in W x 3.5 in L
Availability: In stock


  • A fridge or locker door is always a great place to keep an important reminder or to-do list while showing the world what you love.
  • This big, bright high-resolution magnet features iconic pop culture graphics and catch your eye so your reminders won't be forgotten!
  • Magnets offer super-sturdy construction - full color image is fully laminated and wraps around the magnet edge so you never have to worry about peeling or chipping.
  • Full magnet back means your notes and to-do lists will be held tight to your metal surface.
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